Can I Work as a Freelancer While Studying
Can I Work as a Freelancer While Studying

Can I Work as a Freelancer While Studying

In modern times, freelancing has become one of the most popular career choices for young people. It requires one to be their own boss, and hence it is quite appealing to everyone. The conventional privileges one gets being a freelancer include working remotely, creating a conducive work environment at your home, and working at your own hours. Freelancing, for many, is a full-time job.

On the other hand, many college and university students are starting to become a significant part of the freelancing world and do what they like to get paid. These students become part-time freelancers while studying and begin to face many hurdles in time management. University education is quite hectic and requires one to put countless hours in order to succeed in their academics. It becomes challenging for students to freelance while studying in a college or a university.

In this article, we will share with you tips that not only make you a better freelancer but also provide you with the necessary preludes needed to become a freelancer while studying.

Find your niche

One of the most important parts of becoming a great freelancer while studying is finding your niche, the important question you need to ask yourself is what you should do to passionately connect to the digital world of freelancing which can also get you paid? Are your writing skills amazing? Are you interested in designing websites? Are you a brilliant photographer? Anything that you can do with passion and drive is what you must choose. Put briefly, choose something that wakes you up every morning with excitement and gives you an instant adrenaline boost.

Some of the jobs with the highest demand currently in the freelance world are web designing and web development. Many students require coursework help online; you can tap into that market and offer premium quality assignments too as a freelance academic writer.

Build a portfolio

Having a concise and rigid freelancing portfolio is the key to freelancing success. Your portfolio must be able to showcase and market your talents, if this step is not heeded enough, there’s a high chance you will not succeed in your freelancing career, and that – consequently – will affect your studies.

If you are planning to become a freelance writer, you must upload all the articles that you have previously written. This will give you credibility in the eyes of your potential customers and ensure that you are transparent with your work and if they like your work, bingo! You are hired. If you’re a graphic designer, writer or a photographer, you must connect your Instagram or Facebook with your freelancing portfolio.

Know where to look for work

No freelancer is given a steady stream of network, and everyone creates their own digital networks. But if you have an enormous network on your Instagram or any other social media website, it helps attain customers. These are some of the best websites that also let you connect your social media accounts with your professional profile. Not just that, it also provides you with a variety of projects, and also distinguishes between the long-term and short-term projects.

Every successful freelancer has to look for jobs in the starting of their career. One of the ways of finding a job for yourself is to look online. Some of the places to follow through every day, when searching for a freelance job are: Freelancing related WhatsApp groups, and Freelancing related Facebook groups. The biggest benefit of being in these groups is that you have direct contact with your customers.

Find your price

The price tag on your talent is one of the most essential parts of becoming a great freelancer. It is a difficult and tricky task, as it requires one to understand the demand for the talent you are trying to sell in the freelancing world. There are a few strategies that every freelancer must follow to be able to attain the best price for selling their talent. The ways may include carrying out thorough research. Answer the following questions, what is the demand for your talent in the freelance market, and the experience of other sellers? What is the price point of being a new freelancer? You must position yourself competitively and beat all the prices in the market.

Learn to negotiate

Once a potential client appears, and you are both ready to discuss the financial matters, you must always take the upper hand. Your client will always propose a price lower than your expected price. Try to negotiate with your client to settle on a price that is worth your time; sometimes the negotiated price becomes higher than the expected initial price – this all depends on your negotiating skills and how you market yourself.

If you are not interested in undertaking this project as such a low price – thinking this price isn’t worth your time – do not undersell yourself.

Say no to complacency

Many student freelancers get comfortable working with old clients and tend to work on the same pay for extended periods, sometimes even years. This can be desired by many as it gives them the opportunity of a safe and secure paid job, but you must treat your freelancing market as a business. Put briefly; if you remain on the same pay and work with the same old clients, you will never be able to grow your business.

Especially as a student, you should always be looking towards the ways how you can improve yourself. If you are stuck with a particular client, think about some other ways to find a solution. You must always look forward to taking more responsibility, and start doing more work for other people. Make the most of the freedom you have – this is the right time to explore unlimited lives and opportunities, giving you a second chance to risk it all.

Do not have high expectations

Many student freelancers fall in the trap of high expectations and give up very soon. A student freelancer must not think of freelancing as a get-rich-quick scheme or something that will get you loads of money. As a freelancer, you are simply selling your talent in the digital market. Freelancing serves and refurbishes your foundations for a business; it teaches you the necessary skills such as programming languages, graphic designing, and web development.

These skills are essential to run a business successfully in the times of digitalization, where most of the businesses are operating online. For these reasons, it is important as a student to shift your mindset towards growth rather than catching quick money to throw a party for your friends that almost no one will remember.

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