How Can Students Stay Healthy at Home
How Can Students Stay Healthy at Home

How Can Students Stay Healthy at Home

Perhaps, 2020 will not be the year we see students graduating with happiness and a smile on their faces. It is indeed a grievous academic trial where most pupils are stressed out and lack motivation. They are required to study in a new environment and aren’t allowed to leave their homes.

In such a situation, it becomes difficult to lead a healthy life. However, to ace the degree courses, staying mentally and physically fit is necessary. But how can one stay on track while stuck inside?

If you are wondering the same, we have all the answers for you. Here, we are going to discuss a few tips and tricks to help you set a path for a healthy and prosperous life.

Keeping Your Body Healthy

1. Plan A Workout
It is not that difficult. If you cannot think of any routine exercise, take help from the internet. There are millions of workout videos where the instructors show all the steps so that you can practice with them. Moreover, health experts say, exercising for 30 minutes every day is enough to stay in shape and keep yourself fit and healthy. You can schedule your workouts once every day for consecutive five days, allowing your body to rest on the weekends. Do you have a better plan? Follow it. Ensure that you stick to it because you must never compromise on your health.

2. Minimize Screen Time
While universities are conducting classes online, you already have to sit in front of the screen for almost 5-6 hours per day. Even after that, you do not leave your electronic devices and indulge in other internet activities. Well, you need to understand that excess use of mobile phones/laptops is not good for your vision as well as your health. Experts advise looking away from the screen for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of focus. Furthermore, the screen must be placed five to six inches below the eye level. Lastly, make sure that there is no over head-lightening coming from behind the screen because it badly damages the retina.

3. Get Proper Sleep
Don’t consider this quarantine as your early vacations. You have to attend classes in the morning, work on assignments and take care of the deadlines. If you let yourself lose and spend the whole night up, playing or doing other tasks, you might miss your sessions in the morning. 7-9 hours is necessary for your body to rest and get your mind fresh for the next day. You can set alarms and remind yourself about the bedtime or help you wake up early in the morning. Also, a dark room with a calm and comfortable atmosphere can help you get a peaceful sleep at night.

4. Practice Mindfulness Techniques
Yoga is essential to de-stress yourself and let go off all the worries that you have been holding on for so long. Therefore, there are online yoga practice sessions where you can learn the basic techniques to relax your body and soul. The best time to do yoga is in the morning before breakfast. If you are a first-timer, you need to buy a yoga mat, a pair of leggings and a comfortable shirt. In short, whatever you wear, it should be comfy yet stretchable. Moreover, it is advisable to take out 10-15 minutes every day to unwind the last day’s thoughts. So, start today with short lessons and go on to longer lessons if it suits you.

5. Look After yourself
Since the coronavirus disease is transmissible, keeping yourself clean is the key to fight back. So, make sure that you wash your hands more often using soap to kill germs. In case you are using a sanitizer, ensure that the gel contains at least 60% of alcohol to be effective. Know that the request from health experts and government to stay inside and observe quarantine is for a reason. You should only go out to buy the necessary items while wearing a face mask to avoid touching your nose or mouth. Because the virus gets inside your body through eyes, nose and mouth, so you need to be extra cautious.

Do Whatever Makes You Happy

This quarantine, go on a mission to make yourself happy. We know life has been tough for you lately, so, do things that matter the most. Stop pressuring yourself to do tasks that you don’t want to do. Even if it is the pending academic assignments, get the best assignment help online to do it for you. In the end, nothing matters more than your health, either it’s physical or mental. So, take this moment to praise yourself, you have come a long way, yet there is more to go.

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