How Students Can Cope With Anxiety
How Students Can Cope With Anxiety

How Students Can Cope With Anxiety

As this time of year, every student is having the challenge to cope with anxiety, panic attacks, and daily stress. Know that the feelings of being alone are quite fine unless it beats your heart faster in response to a situation that is hard to deal with. In addition, you might not get your heartbeat faster, but the sweat on your palms and soles of your feet will tell if you’re trapped by anxiety.

It usually happens when you’re confronted with a task or event that is overwhelming or difficult. Remember that anxiety or being stressed is our body’s natural phenomena or response to the situation make us fearful. However, you must know what triggers you the most because you’re having an interview tomorrow, a class test again, or anything else. This step makes things easy for you, once you know what your fears are; you can cope with them effortlessly.

Many students are coping with anxiety today, as it has become one of the most common things in students. Bunch of them feel it the most when it comes to present their ideas in front of thousands of people, as they’re unable to speak up their thoughts to everyone, i.e. while public speaking. Well, fear is just in our heads, we can do everything we want to, once we’ve decided to do. For that, try to know yourself, understand your goals, and work to what your heart says and not your brain. Everyone has to face these triggers differently, so keep yourself calm and try to make things right for yourself.

Factually, it takes some time to recognise your triggers, but identifying them is one of the essential steps to take. In the meantime, you can challenge yourself to cope with anxiety by helping yourself understand that you’re able to do everything. The most crucial thing is to know yourself; you can work things out only when you know what you’re capable of and how far you can go to fix your things. Therefore, it’s up to you how you can manage and fix your things.

Besides knowing yourself and identifying your triggers, here is a list of quick ways to help you cope with anxiety, let’s read them out loud:

Practice to Maintain You Focus

If your anxiety comes in between you and your focus more often, then make sure to take quick action by following some natural remedies to cut down this problem. For instance, you can have a cup of tea or coffee, take a 5 minutes break and spend them in watching a motivational video, and take a short nap to freshen up your mind.

Try to save yourself from popping up the negative statements and questions, as negativity won’t let you win success. Another way to maintain your focus is to challenge yourself and overcome your fears, ask yourself to do those things that you might think you can’t do. Moreover, to keep your focus maintained, do yoga or exercise every day, try breathing in and out for 5 minutes in a relaxed area.

Go For Aromatherapy

A holistic healing treatment uses natural extracts of plants to give human health a benefit. It’s also known as essential oil therapy, which uses to massage the body and head to make well-being feel relaxed. It uses different medically proven oils to recover the health of a human’s body, mind, and spirit. It can improve both the physical and mental states of a person, who’s struggling with anxiety and sleep apnea or insomnia.

So, give yourself a break and go for aromatherapy, as it brings you peace of mind and body. Choose your favourite smell that soothes your soul, whether it’s lavender’s scent or sandalwood. It helps in the activation of receptors that gives you ease from anxiety.

Do Some Exercises

Go either for a walk in a park or a workout in a gym, whatever you do, just try to do it daily! Choose the option that works best for you and give your mind a break from everything else. Sometimes, the way to cope with anxiety is to get yourself busy with things you enjoy to do. Besides coping with stress, it helps to reduce your weight and manage your insulin level.

Also, to sharpen your cognitive abilities, you should do the work out daily. Empirically, when you exercise, your body releases the hormones named as endorphins so that they can interact with your brain receptors to reduce the level of anxiety or stress. It triggers your positive feelings so you can have a break from having negative thoughts.

Pen Down Whatever You Feel

It is believed that when you share your feelings with someone else, your heart feels lights and relaxed. However, trusting humans these days is difficult as we do not know who can backstab us. People likely hurt us, targeting our weaknesses and use them to degrade and make us feel insecure.

Therefore stop sharing your personal feelings with anyone and try to write your feelings down instead in the form of poetries or stories or just rough thoughts coming in your mind. List down the things that make you feel anxious and give yourself the challenge to do those tasks at any cost. This strategy is known as another relaxing technique that helps you in coping with stress and anxiety.

Get Enough Sleep

Do you want your body feel calm or your mind stress-free? If you shook your head in yes, then make sure to get enough sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours. Sleep is like a fuel that gives you the energy to handle your daily tasks without being frustrated or tired. WHO recommends that sleeping for 7 hours a day can help you survive a day without any hassle, so make sure to sleep well.

Same as healthy food, sleep is also a necessity for the nourishment of both body and brain. Moreover, to sleep early, be sure that you’ve disconnected your internet and switched your phone off. Without taking this step, you might not be able to sleep early, as notifications won’t let you do it!

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