How to Successfully Work from Home
How to Successfully Work from Home

How to Successfully Work from Home

There is a myth that comes naturally when one thinks about working from home, i.e. more fun and lesser productivity. Because there are people who stay in bed all day wearing their pyjamas and daydream about finishing their daily tasks. Yet, it is the opposite that happens every time. They end up running behind schedule, which ultimately hurt their performance.

However, when in reality, they need to understand that even though they are working from home, they must act professionally. The flexibility of the environment does not mean they can alter things according to their convenience, whilst, they should be the one adjusting to the new methods. So, if you are one of them who can relate to the struggles of remote working, this article is for you. Here, we have compiled a list of 6 ways to get yourself motivated for working from home.

Working from Home: 6 Tips to Get Started


Don’t wait for the sun to rise and indicate the beginning of the day when you can start working before that. When working in an office, you used to wake up at least 2 hours before the time to get yourself ready and travel to the workplace. Now, you can avail those 2 hours in recalling what you have the previous day and what you have to do today. This will help you get in the working mood as soon as you wake up.


You should have a balance between your work and personal life, even while working from home. Because if there is no proper time set for the office hours, you will likely feel that you are working 24/7. At first, you might not realise this, but after some time, you’ll be become frustrated and lose motivation. So, it is better to prepare the next day’s schedule beforehand. This way, you’d know the number of tasks you need to complete per day. Moreover, you must ensure that each task is set priority wise to meet the deadlines.


Working from home in bed is not an ideal place when you are a professional worker. You might not be able to work properly as you’d want to lay down and take a nap every time you feel tired. So, it is necessary that you have a space designated for your office hours where you can focus, and nobody can disturb you. It can either be in front of a window or your balcony, wherever you feel comfortable to work. Once decided, be sure that you don’t switch places and work there until you are running office errands from home.


Some of you might think to increase your productivity just because there are fewer distractions at home. Well, if you are thinking the same, scratch the idea. Because even though you are working from home, the number of tasks and its complexity is similar to when you worked at the office. Moreover, short breaks in between are also very important to keep your brain working and body active. So, by adding more tasks to your already busy schedule, you are not only going to kill your productivity but also restrict yourself to sit straight for 6-7 hours without any resting time.


Working from home means full access to the kitchen anytime you want. However, you must make sure that you do not eat unhealthy foods just to satisfy your hunger. If you need something to constantly chew on, keep fruits or dry nuts around you. Furthermore, a bottle of water or juice can also help in providing nutrients to your body. At the end of a productive week, you can reward yourself with some sweets and lavish meals to appreciate yourself for the commitment.


If you don’t sleep on time, how can you expect yourself to be productive throughout the day? You must remind yourself that although you are at home, you have work in the morning. And for this, a complete 6-7 hours of sleep is important. Hence, you need to fix a bedtime and set the alarm for early morning so that you can wake up without being late to begin your office hours. Also, you can take short naps during the day without affecting your work to re-energise yourself.

Believe it or not, most of the professionals prefer working from home over the office shifts. But it is your efficiency which defines whether or not your organisation offers you this flexibility. So, if you want to put a good impression, follow these tips and let your bosses know that your productivity does not get affected with change in locations.

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