New Culture – New Experience

New Culture – New Experience

A new place means a new adventure that is filled with all kinds of experience. This experience comprises of understanding the culture as well as norms of the new place. Moreover, if you are an international student in a new country, you are bound to go through culture change experience. Initially, understanding what people are saying might be a difficult task – this can be due to various reasons. You may not understand the language people are talking in, or their way of talking might be difficult to understand. Other issues that can come up while experiencing culture change is the change in traffic patterns, understanding housing arrangements, and registration for courses – all these aspects might come out as confusing. They might be different to what you might have experienced in your home country.

In order to deal with the change, it is important to be calm because dealing with all these aspects would require you to have patience. Try to look at the situation in an exciting way that you are getting to learn new things and are able to experience what you never thought you ever would. Moreover, you can compare things with your home country as to what is different and what is similar. This would help you in understanding the country and its culture better. Some things you may find as unattractive while some you may want to learn more about.

Yes, being excited and experiencing new things is not the only aspect of a new place. You will go through major anxiety and irritation, and might want to go back to your home country. You may start becoming depressed, if you are not able to deal with the situation in the best way possible. You will also go through severe homesickness which will force you to just drop everything and run away. All this can have a severe impact on your studies. The focus and concentration will not be to the point and can have a major impact on your result.

Many students are not able to deal with situation and tend to give up. There have been cases where individuals have given up on studying abroad and have gone back to their home country. It is important to understand experiencing all the above mentioned feelings is completely normal and should not be taken seriously that one leave their dream of studying abroad mid-way and goes back.

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