Online Learning: How to Acquire New Skills During Lockdown
Online Learning: How to Acquire New Skills During Lockdown

Online Learning: How to Acquire New Skills During Lockdown

As the covid-19 pandemic has grappled the whole world, country-wide lockdowns are being imposed across all frontiers. This has made half of the population remain stuck inside their homes observing quarantine. Putting all the problem, these lockdowns have caused aside; we can use this time to develop different hobbies and learn skills that may help us in our careers or provide a side-income.

Many people are already investing in themselves by buying self-improvement books or courses that train them using specific techniques. If you want to be one of them, this article is for you. We will share with you the important courses equipped with necessary skillsets that are essential in the corporate world, both financially and for personal development. Some of these courses involve unique study material that can even relate to your passion.

As we have infinite time to get things done, it is essential to learn new skills that can create a source of income digitally. As we are experiencing the biggest and the most draconian economic uncertainty since the great depression, we must learn things that can help create streams of income on digital and traditional platforms.

What do the courses involve?

These courses have different varieties for different people, from teenagers to people with jobs, everyone can benefit from these courses. The specifics of these courses are different and vary in every platform, but they all follow the same algorithm. On the larger platforms such as Coursera and FutureLearn, you are able to choose all the university-affiliated courses, even MBAs. These larger platforms also ensure that you are learning from renowned experts and university professors.

On the other hand, if we talk about the length of these courses, they vary from a few hours to being 52-week long– and let’s be clear, MBA cannot be done in a few hours. These courses involve video-based lectures, and if any extra support is needed by the client or student, face-to-face video sessions are also offered. Most of the time, the enrolment for these courses is free, some renowned websites may charge you a little. But if someone wants to attain a certificate after the undertaking the courses, they will have to pay.

What should I look for in a course?

After reading all the content mentioned above, you must be tempted enough to sign up for any course you find online. This can be a big mistake and waste of your money, as many institutional affiliations online do not have the quality education and the best instructors you are seeking. You must scrutinise and thoroughly research the reviews of the courses you want to attain; this can reassure that your investment will be safe and wise.

Many of the renowned platforms offer customer reviews – if some of them don’t, you might want to avoid that platform. By reading these customer reviews, you can gauge the quality of the courses the platform has to offer. You can also evaluate the engagement between the learners and instructors. If everything seems right, you can sign up for the courses and start learning.

That said, nothing beats trying the courses for yourself. Once you’ve signed up, you can sense and feel the transparency of these courses and if the way they marketed their service on the internet was rightful or not. Many of these renowned courses offer trial versions of their platforms. You must take the free trial courses prior to signing up for the paid version. That way, all your doubts will be absolved, and you will sign up for the paid version with full satisfaction.

In many cases, people attain these courses for a specific reason, and that can be anything, from personal development to professional and career development. If you fall under this category, and are hoping to fine-tune your career with the online courses, then you must assure whether the employer or the company you want to work for, recognises the online certificate. If they do not, then there’s no reason for paying a price for the certificate.

One of the most important factors into successfully undertaking the courses is to pick the right course for yourself. The course with the right difficulty level of understanding. Put briefly; if you are a college student, you will not be able understand a course of MBA. Or if you have been a science student all your life, it will be hard for you to understand an e-commerce course.

How can I stay motivated?

While undertaking all the rudimentary measures to choose the perfect courses for yourself, you can still fall in the trap of procrastination and get demotivated by your distractive surroundings. This happens most of the times and is often termed as beginners’ demise. You become enthusiastic at first, and falsely believe that the world is under your palms. This initial enthusiasm and exaggerated self-belief evaporates in no time. For this reason, it is important to practice discipline and create a timely-routine for your studying hours. The essential part of being disciplined is to create a conducive and constructive studying environment that may include: a set table, essential needed books, and your notes, pens.

Another good way to stay disciplined and on routine is to find a study partner; a study partner can be an online friend, best friend, or a stranger you met online with similar interests as yours. In this way, you will both be working as an incentive for each other by motivating and supporting each other. By doing this, the course will become more enjoyable. This can also help students as they can help each other understand a difficult part of the course. With these facts being elucidated, it is recommended that you find a study partner for taking these courses – as self-isolation can frazzle one’s mind.

What do I do after completing the course?

For many, this maybe just a side-hustle and one of the many courses they may take to entertain themselves or perhaps just to increase their knowledge and ameliorate their inner self development process. However, some of you may want to look for certain jobs after completion of these courses, as these courses also provide you authentic certificates that many employers accept.

For others, undertaking a single course will be enough. Irrespective of whatever mindset you have towards these courses, they provide a great deal of help staying busy doing something productive and eliminating frustration caused in the phase of self-isolation. These courses also allow you to connect with new people and make new friends with similar mindsets. In this way, all of the negativity imposed in you due to frustrating times of self-isolation is completely eliminated.

To conclude, you not only learn a new skill that might help you in the corporate world, but you also network with others, make new friends with like-minded people and become a better self-improved version of yourself. You can also access coursework help online by connecting with these friends.

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