Significance of Punctuality In A Student’s Life

Significance of Punctuality In A Student’s Life

As a student, you must be given the advice to be punctual. But have you ever wondered why is it so important to be punctual? From our point of view, you can only live a disciplined life when you learn how to be on time. As for other things, even in punctuality, you can train yourself, and the training brings (almost) always excellent results.

The trouble with getting to appointments on time is that there is never anyone there to appreciate it. Punctuality is not just a form of education; it is much more. Being on time means being respectful of others. When we talk about punctuality, we are not referring only to being punctual to an appointment, but to a much broader concept: punctuality and precision as a form of respect for others.

In student life, it is a must! And, if you can choose to be punctual or not in your private life, punctuality is a must to become a successful student. In our imagination punctuality and precision go hand in hand with consistency and the more consistent you are in what you do the more credible you will be in the eyes of your interlocutors. In our opinion being punctual is almost always a choice, it is a question of knowing how to organize oneself, of calculating times and of taking into account unforeseen circumstances.

How important is punctuality for your reputation?

Are you not convinced that punctuality is so important?

Try asking your friend that he waited for you for three-quarters of an hour in the middle of the street with 40 degrees in the shade or your colleague who waited for you for over half an hour in the rain because you forgot to warn him.

Ask the employee who is waiting for the salary to pay the mortgage or the professional who has solved a problem for you and is still waiting for you to pay the bill as it is important to be on time.

Empathy or the ability to put yourself in others\’ shoes can go a long way. Always think about how you would feel if you were in the other person\’s place. How would you feel if you had to wait for someone for more than half an hour, how you would feel if you were a professor and your student could not come to your class on time. You would definitely feel that your students do not care about you. That\’s how your university professor feels when you don’t show up to class on time. So, make sure you give enough importance to your professor by being punctual. If they give you assignments, try to complete them prior to the deadline. If you cannot do so, then just request write my coursework UK to any assignment writing company in order to get the help you need.

Punctuality understood as being precise in doing what is due at the right time can make the difference in your student life. If you are not convinced to be punctual yet, then take a look at the following good reasons to be punctual:

  • You are calmer and less stressed
  • In the eyes of your professor, you are a reliable and organized person
  • Gain respect from the people you work with
  • Get academic success: you are more productive, more incisive and more effective.

It\’s easier said than done!

Perhaps you are thinking that it is easier said than done. We never told you it would be easy. The road to success is full of obstacles to overcome, but if you believe it, everything is possible!

Don’t ever be willing to arrive late so that people think you are busy. Always start getting well in advance, often risking having to wait for others. Just put yourself in the other\’s shoes and think how annoying it is to have to wait. Keep in your mind that your interlocutor has, like all of us, a thousand things to do that he took time out of dedicating for you.

Do you know that waiting is a source of stress?

Contrary to what you might think, many psychologists believe that stress is not tied to having to do many things, but to not being able to complete them all or in the correct way. This means that arriving late can also be harmful to you. Yeah, when you\’re late you\’re already in a “disadvantage” position and want to know why? First of all, you will find an already stressed interlocutor and therefore not inclined to listen and, as if this were not enough, you yourself will feel at fault and you will not be able to understand the topic that your friend came to teach you.

How to be Organized?

Although the unexpected is always around the corner, the better organization will surely help you to be more punctual. We know, you have a lot of things to do but we try to give you some useful suggestions:

1) Do we have unforeseen events? Always … so let\’s expect them, that is, let\’s take some extra time between one appointment and another.

2) Travel time: as we know it is always variable depending on the traffic so if we have to go to campus or meet a friend and on average it takes half an hour to reach the destination … the ideal would be to leave with an hour in advance. It may seem like you are wasting time, in fact, it is enough to organize and use that time to make important phone calls or reply to e-mails.

3) Keep the clock under control: Know the time you want to dedicate to each commitment of yours and manage your appointment according to your goals.

4) If you are late, inform them: The delay should not be one of the options, but if you are not able to avoid it at least try to warn in time and apologize, proving to have attention and respect for the time of your interlocutor.

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