Various Challenges Faced By Students During Their Higher Educational Years

Various Challenges Faced By Students During Their Higher Educational Years

While the aim towards achieving higher qualification from a reputable institute is a worthy cause and should be met with much encouragement, however, to accomplish anything of great value in this world, there are a lot of hardships that must be overcome. The path to success is paved with considerable challenges, and this is why the journey teaches you much than the end itself. In this post, we would like to shed some light on a particular set of the challenges which many students face during their higher education learning years. So read along and get to know them well, they might prepare your own future ahead:

Relocating to a New Place

It is often observed that many young and aspiring minds travel a great deal of distance to fulfill their dreams of attaining a professional qualification from a renowned establishment that is internationally recognized for their excellence and standards of high-quality education. Though the goal and objective is nothing less than prestigious in its own right, however, these students have a tough road to follow ahead of them. Not only do they leave their homes, families, friends, and loved ones behind to move to a foreign land, they also encounter a totally new culture and a set of ethos which they must conform to or get familiarized with as soon as they can. Adapting to such a big change can be quite heavily taxing on some students who are not flexible enough to fit into a new environment instantly. It can take quite some time to getting used to their surroundings. They meet new people, face new challenges, everything for them is fresh and an unexplained experience. However, who has the will to stay focused on achieving their targets, can learn quickly to adapt to their new location. It, however, does require a reasonable effort from their part, as they have left their comfort zones behind and accepted this challenge head on so that they can accomplish a qualification that is worth all this trouble. Once they are graduated from the institute, that is when their hard work will pay them off eventually in the future by securing a bright professional career ahead of them.

Language Barriers

Foreign students who come from distant lands and countries often face language barriers. Take for example students from third world countries traveling to the UK so that they can attain a professional qualification. This puts them in a bind because English may be their second language and this transforms it into multiple-faceted concerns including language barriers. With not having fluency in the national language of the new country they have just moved into, students find trouble communicating with not only teachers and students in their institution but also in managing mundane tasks like going to the grocery store for supplies, visiting a restaurant with friends, or casually having a conversation with someone they want to get acquainted with. Language barriers become the worst for students when they are asked to write an affluent and lengthy document for their academia. Their teachers and professors might not understand this, and so they expect the same quality of work from them as they would anticipate form a native English speaker, and this puts them in an even more problematic situation. Thus many of them end up seeking the help of reliable and dependable online coursework writing services UK that can assist them to deliver high quality of work on time at affordable and feasible charges.

Living Expenses

Moving to a new place also means that they need to support for themselves. If they are not living currently with a caretaker or a supervisor that can look after them and their needs during learning years, students need a place to stay, a regular supply of food to keep them going throughout the years of their programs, traveling cost from one place to another, and other expenses including utilities like electricity, gas, and water. On top of this additional expenses like a mobile phone calling service for making calls and sending SMS messages is required. They also may require money to purchase new clothes, garments, and footwear during the course of their educational program and its completion. All of these simply pile up and become too overbearing on their already limited budgets. Facing financial constraints on a daily basis for even the slightest of things like purchasing toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrush, hair shampoo, and soap quickly becomes intolerable. This is the time where they are then obliged to work part-time jobs and sifts or run odd errands for people to earn some extra money which makes their life considerably easier. However, even though this allows them to somehow manage their living expenses a little better, nonetheless working and learning at the same time doesn’t suit everyone. Students often become too exhausted and fatigued due to being under pressure at all times. This might lead them to quit their education and drop out or lose their grades and results by the end of the semester due to being unable to deliver performances to the best of their ability. Conversely, those who are headstrong and don’t lose sight of their ultimate goal of accomplishing academic success are able to manage these turbulent times and still manage to acquire their qualifications albeit all the hurdles and hindrances lined up along their pathway to ultimate success.

Mental Health Concerns & Other Health Issues

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that many students nowadays have been observed to be going through a lot of turmoil during their higher education years and this leads towards the development of mental health concerns in the majority of them. Many educational activists and establishments have taken notice of this growing concern and are currently doing their best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the development of severe anxieties and depression amongst students have also given a rise to suicide rates during higher education in recent years. Nevertheless, the situation is being improved gradually as more and more awareness regarding these issues is being progressively created in many learning institutes. Alternatively, many students have also been found using drugs and indulged in consuming alcohol at an early age. This problem to substance abuse amongst young and aspiring minds is perhaps the most damaging as it can lead to long-lasting ailments and sickness that are hard to treat and may take several years to cure completely. Lastly, there is also the concern of student having an unhealthy lifestyle during their higher educational years where they have little to no exercise, eat junk food and unhealthy food items regularly, which then makes them obese. Obesity amongst students is a growing concern as well since it later transpires into heat-related diseases such as high and low blood pressure, diabetes, and other cardiovascular illnesses.

We hope that this post was able to provide you with some understanding regarding the most common challenges which students have to face. Though one should consider themselves lucky to have the opportunity to pursue their higher educational qualifications from a reputable varsity, nevertheless they should also prepare themselves early on regarding the challenges which they must face during their learning years. All we can say is that those who have an unwavering will to succeed and chase after their dream no matter what will never face failure in their lives as they will always learn and improve themselves with time. It is all about the never back down attitude which matters. If someone takes a fall, they should eagerly rise up again and keep moving forward. This is what life teaches us all and the only reason one can be considered a loser is when they actually give up and stop trying. So our recommendation to you is not never give up no matter what happens. Keep on fighting the good fight! It is like they say if you fail then try try again! Eventually, you will reach your destination and then you can shout on the top of your lungs “I Made It!” Our cheers and undying support to all those students out there that never lose track of their ultimate goals in life despite facing unimaginable odds and end up making us all proud of them due to their accomplishments! Long Live All & BANZAI!!!

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